Monday, 19 November 2012

  • 0845   p0    Devotions, Diaries, Roll- Tony
  • 0855   p1    Word Study – Tony – All students are to go through their workbooks and complete the activities that are left for the year, and to also complete any unfinished work.
  •                    Integrated Studies – Tony – Students are to learn about the Australian Federation and what led up its inception in 1901.  They are to learn about the Australian Constitution, what a constitution means, and they are to revise the chain of governmental power, and what governmental power means in Australia.  Queen, Governor General, Senate, House of Representatives, Cabinet and Primeminister.  This is an introduction to this topic.  The students have handouts which graphically shows this flow of command.
  • 1025   p3    Physical Education – Carin
  • 1110           RECESS     Students must change back at Recess
  • 1130   p4    Literature – students to choose books of their own choice.
  • 1215   p5    Maths – Daryl
  • 1340   p6    Bible Studies – Daryl
  • 1425   p7    Writing – Daryl
  • 1510           Homeroom, roll, Daryl
  • 1520           dismissal – Daryl
  • Term 4

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