Tuesday, 13 November 2012

  • 0845   p0    Devotions, Diaries, Roll- Daryl            ICDL Year 9
  • 0855   p1    French – Tony –
  • Year 5 FRENCH –  They need:    class set of Touche 1 coursebooks.  (May still be in Yr 6 room from Friday’s French lesson)   Touche Workbook (in their own desks) “Little Pink book” with vocabulary (in their own desks)    1.     Workbook exercise:  Complete Activity H, p19.    (some may have completed this already). Please read through the instructions with the class.  A conversation.Students are asked to give a response to the question in a complete sentence in French.Information to answer the questions may be found on page 19 in the Course Book.Some students may wish to work with a partner.2.    For those who have completed H,  work through activity I, Interrogation, p 20. This time the answer to the question is provided.  Students have to work out and write down what the question was. (in a complete sentence).

    3.    Activity J p 20. Reading and comprehending.  Use the information on p18-19 of the Coursebook to find the data to complete the Table in activity J.

  • 0940   p2    Integrated Studies –  Students are to study for their Gold Rush Test.
  • 1025   p3    Literature –    Tony   continue on with Libby Hathorne Books.
  • 1110            RECESS
  • 1130   p4    Music – Robyn
  • 1215   p5    Maths – Daryl
  • 1300-1340  LUNCH
  • 1340   p6    Music – Robyn
  • 1425   p7    Writing – Daryl
  • 1510  Homeroom, roll, Daryl
  • 1520 dismissal – Daryl
  • Term 4

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