Tuesday, 9 October 2012

  • 0845   p0    Devotions, Diaries, Roll- Tony
  • 0855   p1    French – Bronwyn          ICDL Year 9
  • 0940   p2    Play Rehearsal –     Lisa and Robyn
  • 1025   p3    Play Rehearsal –    Lisa and Robyn
  • 1110           RECESS
  • 1130   p4    Word Study – Students are to learn the write out their list words into their diaries and to complete the activities in their workbooks.  The rule for adding ‘es’ to words ending in the sounds, ‘s’, ‘ss’, ‘z’, ‘zz’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘x’, add ‘e’ before the ‘s’ to make the word plural, i.e.  catch – catches.  The same rule for both Year 5 and 6.
  • 1215   p5    Science – Revise with students ‘The Old Gum Tree’, a scenario of ecological cause and effect and Life Web.
  • 1300-1340  LUNCH
  • 1340   p6    Music – Robyn
  • 1425   p7    Writing – Daryl
  • 1510  Homeroom, roll, Daryl
  • 1520 dismissal – Daryl
  • Term Four

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