Tuesday, 21 August 2012

  • 0845   p0    Devotions, Diaries, Roll-
  • 0855   p1    French – Bronwyn          ICDL Year 9 Test Key-
  • 0940   p2    Integrated Studies –    Bass and Flinders’ exploration of Tasmania and Victoria allowed others to follow.  Hume and Hovell walked to present day Geelong, all the way from Sydney.  They had to cross rivers and difficult terrain.  In 1834, the Henty Brothers settled Portland, and the following year, John Batman bought much of  the land from Geelong to Melbourne (including all the land around the Yarra River) from the Aborigines for a few trinkets, shirts, scissors, blankets and tomahawks.  Discuss if you think this was a fair swap.  Remember, the Wurundjeri people didn’t really know what Batman intended.  Land was very sacred to them, but Batman believed that he had struck a deal, and now the land was his and Britain’s.  John Pascoe Fawkner joined him and together they brought new settlers from Tasmania, Sydney and Britain to populate their new town, later to be named Melbourne, after the British Primeminister, Viscount Melbourne.
  • 1025   p3    Literature –    The students are to continue with their study of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe1110            RECESS
  • 1130   p4    Music – Robyn
  • 1215   p5    Maths – Daryl
  • 1300-1340  LUNCH
  • 1340   p6    Music – Robyn
  • 1425   p7    Writing – Daryl
  • 1510  Homeroom, roll, Daryl
  • 1520 dismissal – Daryl
  • Term Three

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