Thursday, 3 May 2012

  • 0845   p0    Devotions, Diaries, Roll  Browyn?
  • 0855   p1    French – Bronwyn
  • 0940   p2    Performance – Lisa
  • 1025   p3    Performance – Lisa
  • 1110            RECESS
  • 1130   p4    Reading – Tony.
  • Literature Study – students to read as a class chapters 20 and 21 of Island of the Blue Dolphin.  Each students reads two paragraphs, except for those who struggle to read one.
  • Reading-  Good to Read (Libby Hathorn) students to finish off work started on Monday and to begin next chapter- all the children’s answers must be in good sentences with attention to correct spelling and accurate usage of the other conventions of the English language.
  • 1215   p5    Integrated Studies – ANZACs.  The soldiers fighting in Gallipoli had a problem with food.  It wasn’t fresh and hard to come by.  People in Australia wanted to cheer them up and send them sweets, but most food would rot before they could receive the treats.  The recipe for ANZAC biscuits was popular, because none of the ingredients would go off in transit from Australia to Turkey.  The Digger’s (as they then became known) were pleased to be able to have a tasty treat other than their bully beef and other unpleasant rations.
  • Recipe for ANZAC biscuits-
  • 1300-1340  LUNCH
  • 1340   p6   Maths – Daryl
  • 1425   p7   Writing – Daryl
  • 1510  Homeroom, roll, Daryl
  • 1520 dismissal – Daryl
  • Term Two

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